Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 introduces tools such as One Drive, OneNote and Skype for Business which allow the user to collaborate and share documents, and easily access them from anywhere, as mobile devices and tablets are now standard business tools integrated into our working lives. Office 365 gives the ability to seamlessly switch from using a standard PC or laptop to alternative devices that can be used “on the move”.

With the increased popularity of remote user or hot-desking, companies have identified the need for alternative methods of communication in the workplace. Office 365 gives the perfect platform for teams to keep in touch with document collaboration and video conferencing tools.

Microsoft OneDrive gives the user personal storage within The Cloud, allowing saved documents to be accessed anywhere, in any way they choose. Files can also be shared by others who are invited and who have the correct permissions.

Microsoft OneNote has brought in the best organisational features from other Microsoft Applications, allowing for Notes to be segmented, stored, and retrieved in a methodical way.

Microsoft Skype for Business allows for effective communication throughout the business whether teams are based locally or are remote users. With video calls and conference facilities available and the ability to simultaneously view or instantly exchange images, text and videos, Skype really does make sharing with colleagues a lot easier.