Amethyst Training – Microsoft Office Applications Refresher Courses

Amethyst Training Refresher Courses

We often hear from people who work on computers day in – day out but have never really been shown how to use them correctly or have not had training since school.

The common statement is that they know “enough to get their job done”  or ask someone else in the office.  They often wonder whether there may be a better way to do things and also what would happen if the colleague left?

Knowledge and skill sharing with colleagues is great, as long as the ‘office expert’ is showing you the right way.

Our standard day and refresher courses always include helpful hints and tips, which the user can take back to their role and put into practice straight away.  They are brilliant practical tips which, unless someone shows you, you may not know!

A foolish person thinks they know everything, a wise person learns something new every day!”

What will you learn today?

Talk to us now to find out more about refreshing your Microsoft Office computer skills with training and keeping up to date with new features in Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.

Full day training courses and bite-size building block computer courses available.

We also offer one-to-one sessions tailored to you, giving you extra skills relevant to your role.

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